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Everything we do is built on a mindset of helping you to perform to your maximum potential.

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We think differently!

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Everything we do is built on a mindset of helping you to perform to your maximum potential. When it comes to nutrition, we think differently, evidently reflected in our range of wholesome delicious meals, protein and energy snacks, accredited supplements and most crucially, unrivalled expertise and experience.

Healthy eating habits and exercise are our personal passions and now, we want you to realise the benefits of these same sustainable habits.

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Our Food Range

The Fitness Kitchen range is ideally suited toward busy people eager to follow a healthy lifestyle through a range which provides the perfect healthy lunch, dinner, snack or post training recovery meal.

Our Core Values

“When a person devotes countless hours to something they love, they want to positively account for every minute. In the absence of proper nutrition, potential for developing fitness, strength, endurance and power is lost. Our Fitness Kitchen range makes it easy for you to enjoy healthy, clean and sustainable living. Results are certain to follow.”


Jack Cooney and Brian Darby have well established credentials, having represented their native Westmeath and Offaly in Gaelic Football for a combined 25 years. Both are still very much involved in sport; Jack is the manager of the Westmeath Senior Footballers while Brian still represents his club Rhode.

“Podcasts, newspaper and magazine articles, webinars, books and presentations by experts in the field of Sports Nutrition were always a boundless source of interest to us and refined our understanding of what good nutrition really meant.”

An MSc in Sports Performance and Nutrition and Advanced Diploma in Sports Nutrition later, they are equipped with the most cutting edge expertise and experience in Sport and Nutrition.

Be a Part of Our Journey

“As players and as a manager we took a keen interest into what our fellow athletes were consuming. In some cases, meals did little in the way of helping athletes reach their potential or allowing people to develop healthy and sustainable habits they could maintain for life. With that, we decided to develop our own brand of nourishing and wholesome food products which we were proud to claim as our own.”

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